Tuesday, August 21, 2012

In search of the perfect fudge brownies

      I remember seeing a few Mrs Fields stalls in Orchard Road in Singapore when I was in my mid-teens. By the time I turned 20, there weren't any of those stalls left. That was such a shame because I have awesome memories of buying 'brownie nibbles' from Mrs Fields, which were an assortment of small squares of brownies. I would always choose the chocolate chip and the macadamia varieties. They were perfect- dense beyond belief, fudge-like with a crackly top and just amazing. More than 5 years on, I miss these brownies so much that I am looking for a recipe that best replicates them.

Look at that dense, fudgy texture!

      I searched under different search-terms: dense brownie, fudge brownie, ultimate brownie.....
There were many recipes. So I tried one today in the hopes that I would get something like this:

Photo credit to Lisaiscooking.blogspot.nl

      But that was not to be. What I got was a dense but cake-like brownie. Nevertheless, it's a decent recipe so look for it in the next post.

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