Wednesday, August 22, 2012


     If you find it a hassle to grease baking pans, cupcake cases or anything at all, you might want to look for this product: Wilton Bake Easy spray
     I've been greasing baking pans with cooking spray for some time, but since using the Bake Easy spray I have hardly had trouble getting anything out of the baking pan. Most of the time it's just a matter of running a knife along the edges of the cake/brownie to loosen the edges then inverting the pan with a shake or sharp tap to get my yummy creation out.
      It is not expensive and I highly recommend it for anyone who bakes more than just occasionally.

      I even use it for yorkshire puddings these days. I know that purists will be cursing at me now for using baking spray for yorkshire puddings, but my yorkies are as good as they've always been and I haven't received any complaints from my British husband. Hey, why knock it if it works?!

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